Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Andrew Bredon
Updated 1 year ago

Is there really no charge involved in this tenancy agreement?

We don’t charge anything for this product. We are building a suite of tools for landlords to make running their Buy To Lets a lot easier. This is a free tool, we hope you like it and find it useful.

I am a tenant, can I use your tenancy agreement?

Yes, you can, you will need to provide the details of your landlord including their postal address.

Can I download and print this document?

Absolutely. Once the tenancy agreement is signed by all parties you can download and print it.

I’ve seen other sites that force you to subsribe to use the service, do you do something similar?

Nope. The service is a free service, no subscription fee and no credit card is required to get a signed tenancy agreement. We do have some paid for PRO features like bespoke clauses, but you are under no obligation to use them.

Do you keep the property details on file, so I can easily create the next tenancy when these tenants move out?

Your details are held in your Happy House account, which makes it incredibly easy to create a new tenancy for your future tenants when your current tenants move out.

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